The absolute error bound for double precision value comparison.

Namespace:  ceometric.VectorGeometry
Assembly:  ceometric.VectorGeometry (in ceometric.VectorGeometry.dll) Version: (


public static double AbsoluteEpsilon
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Shared AbsoluteEpsilon As Double
Visual C++
static double AbsoluteEpsilon


This library implements an absolute and a relative comparison concept for floating point comparisons in many methods and properties (see AlmostEquals(Double, Double)). This allows for robust implementations over many orders.

As a clue, set this value to

  • 1e-10 for coordinates between [0...1000]
  • 1e-8 for coordinates between [0...1000000]
and Global.RelativeEpsilon = Global.AbsoluteEpsilon to obtain best results.

Default is 1e-9.

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