.NET geometry products

V# - Spatial vector geometry for .NET

V# is a spatial vector geometry math library for .NET.

It provides highly efficient methods to solve complex 2d and 3d geometry tasks with a few lines of code. 

PLUS: Easily visualize your computations via dxf™!

G# - Computational geometry for .NET

G# is a computational geometry math library for .NET.

It features conforming Delaunay triangulations, 2d and 3d convex hulls, smallest enclosing circles and rectangles, bounding boxes and much more. It easily handles large point sets.

PLUS: Access exact and floating point arithmetic predicates!

D# - Delaunay triangulator for .NET

D# is a Delaunay triangulator for .NET.

The highly efficient Delaunay triangulation algorithm has O(n·log(n)) running time and uses exact arithmetic.

PLUS: Visualize the triangulations via dxf™!

ComputationalCAD for AutoCAD

ComputationalCAD is an easy to use, top-performing and robust computational geometry add-on for AutoCAD®. It makes Delaunay triangulations and Digital Terrain Modeling, surface reconstruction, convex hulls, container-loading tests and much more available in AutoCAD.