A data structure that holds a list of points where a list of edges is attached to each point.

Namespace:  ceometric.ComputationalGeometry
Assembly:  ceometric.ComputationalGeometry (in ceometric.ComputationalGeometry.dll) Version: (


public class EdgeVertexList : SortedDictionary<Point, List<Edge>>
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class EdgeVertexList _
	Inherits SortedDictionary(Of Point, List(Of Edge))
Visual C++
public ref class EdgeVertexList : public SortedDictionary<Point^, List<Edge^>^>


The data structure is a sorted dictionary where the keys are the start and end points of a set of unordered edges and the values are a list of edges that have the key either as start or end point. This allows to allocate all incident edges of a vertex in O(log(n)) time.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  System.Collections.Generic..::.SortedDictionary<(Of <(Point, List<(Of <(Edge>)>)>)>)

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