Provides an exact arithmetic 2d Delaunay triangulation of a point set.

Namespace:  ceometric.ComputationalGeometry
Assembly:  ceometric.ComputationalGeometry (in ceometric.ComputationalGeometry.dll) Version: (


public class DelaunayTriangulation2d
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class DelaunayTriangulation2d
Visual C++
public ref class DelaunayTriangulation2d


A Delaunay triangulation maximizes the minimum angle of each triangle in the triangulation.

This class implements a fast and robust O(n*log(n)) randomized incremental algorithm due to Guibas et al. using exact arithmetic. This class uses eventing just to track the triangulation progress.


// instantiate a 2d Delaunay triangulation
DelaunayTriangulation2d dt = new DelaunayTriangulation2d();
// assign the points to triangulate
dt.TriangulationPoints = SamplePoints.SupershapeStarfish(10000);
// compute the triangulation
// add a point to the existing triangulation
dt.AddPointToCurrentTriangulation(new Point(0.5,0.5,0));
// visualize
Scene sc = new Scene();
Scene.Layer tLay = new Scene.Layer("Triangles", 1);
sc.Add(dt.GetTriangles(), tLay);
// Rasterize the current triangulation over a [0.01,0.01]-raster
dt.RasterizeCurrentTriangulation(0.01, 0.01);
// some properties of the triangulation
Console.WriteLine(dt.NumberOfTriangles + " triangles created on " + 
                  dt.TriangulationPoints.Count + " raster points");
Console.WriteLine("Triangulated area: " + dt.Area);
// visualize the rastered triangulation
sc = new Scene();
Scene.Layer tLay = new Scene.Layer("Rastered_triangles", 1);
sc.Add(dt.GetTriangles(), tLay);

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