Gets or sets the semiminor axis vector.

Namespace:  ceometric.VectorGeometry
Assembly:  ceometric.VectorGeometry (in ceometric.VectorGeometry.dll) Version: (


public Vector3d SemiminorAxisVector { get; set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property SemiminorAxisVector As Vector3d
Visual C++
property Vector3d^ SemiminorAxisVector {
	Vector3d^ get ();
	void set (Vector3d^ value);

Field Value

The semiminor axis vector of the ellipse.


The semiminor axis vector points from the center of the ellipse to the endpoint of the minor axis.

Setting the semiminor axis vector also changes the direction of the normal vector of the ellipse.


System..::.ArgumentExceptionThe norm of the semiminor axis vector is zero.
System..::.ArgumentExceptionThe norm of the semimajor axis vector is less than the norm of the semiminor axis vector.
System..::.ArgumentExceptionSemimajor and semiminor axis vectors are not perpendicular. Use ConstructFromConjugateDiameters(Point, Point, Point) to construct an ellipse from conjugate diameters.

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