Computes a pseudo-perpendicular dropped from the point on an object.

Namespace:  ceometric.VectorGeometry
Assembly:  ceometric.VectorGeometry (in ceometric.VectorGeometry.dll) Version: (


public Edge PseudoPerdendicularOn(
	Edge edge
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Function PseudoPerdendicularOn ( _
	edge As Edge _
) As Edge
Visual C++
Edge^ PseudoPerdendicularOn(
	Edge^ edge


Type: ceometric.VectorGeometry..::.Edge
An edge the pseudo-perpendicular is dropped onto.

Return Value

Returns the shortest edge connecting the point and edge, where the start point of the edge is the point and the end point of the edge is a point on edge.

Returns a zero-length edge if the point lies on the edge.

Returns the perpendicular edge from the point on the edge if the edge contains the base point of the perpendicular.

Returns the edge from the point to one of the end points of edge if the edge does not contain the base point of the perpendicular.

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