Returns a point on the ellipse for a given parameter angle.

Namespace:  ceometric.VectorGeometry
Assembly:  ceometric.VectorGeometry (in ceometric.VectorGeometry.dll) Version: (


public Point GetPointAtParameter(
	double tetha
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Function GetPointAtParameter ( _
	tetha As Double _
) As Point
Visual C++
Point^ GetPointAtParameter(
	double tetha


Type: System..::.Double
An angle in [radian].

Return Value

Returns the point on the ellipse that belongs to the parameter angle tetha


A point on the ellipse is defined by

p = c + a*cos(t) + b*sin(t), where

  • t is the parameter angle tetha with t: [0, 2*pi]
  • c is the center point of the ellipse.
  • a is the semimajor axis vector of the ellipse.
  • b is the semiminor axis vector of the ellipse.

In these terms, this function returns the point p at the ellipse parameter t.

Use GetParameterAtPoint(Point) to find the ellipse parameter t for a given point p

If p lies on the circumference of an ellipse e, then p = e.GetPointAtParameter(GetParameterAtPoint(p))

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