Gets a list of mesh vertices that are part of the current mesh.

Namespace:  ceometric.ComputationalGeometry
Assembly:  ceometric.ComputationalGeometry (in ceometric.ComputationalGeometry.dll) Version: (


public List<MeshVertex> GetActiveMeshVertices()
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Function GetActiveMeshVertices As List(Of MeshVertex)
Visual C++
List<MeshVertex^>^ GetActiveMeshVertices()

Return Value

A list of mesh vertices.


If a mesh vertex is deleted (e.g. during a polygon reduction (LOD)), it cannot be removed from the mesh vertex list because this would destroy the index references of all mesh triangles and edges. Consequently, a deleted mesh vertex is maked as "Disposed" so that it cannot be used further. This method returns all vertices that are not disposed and thus part of the actual mesh. However, the vertex indices in the returned list are not the vertex indices the mesh edges and mesh triangles are referring to.

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