Gets the triangles of the triangulation.

Namespace:  ceometric.ComputationalGeometry
Assembly:  ceometric.ComputationalGeometry (in ceometric.ComputationalGeometry.dll) Version: (


public List<Triangle> GetTriangles()
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Function GetTriangles As List(Of Triangle)
Visual C++
List<Triangle^>^ GetTriangles()

Return Value

The triangles of the triangulation as a generic list of Triangle.


This method converts the triangles of the internal data structure into triangles of type Triangle. This takes O(n) time, which can be a considerable while for very large point sets, so do not use this method excessively.

The triangles of the Delaunay triangulation were internally generated using exact arithmetic while the Triangle object uses floating point arithmetic. Due to this fact, a conversion may fail for extremely small triangles or for triangles with extremely small minimum angle. In such case, the respective triangle is not returned.

Set the AbsoluteEpsilon variable to 0 to get as many triangles as possible.


System..::.InvalidOperationExceptionA valid triangulation does not exist. Compute the triangulation before.

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